Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well Wishes for Sydney (Please Send A Card)


To all my friends:

I need your help. Sydney is my 5 ½ year old little cousin who loves mail. Recently, she was just diagnosed with Leukemia. My goal is to get at least 1000 cards sent to her during her 100 day stay in the hospital. If you can find the time to make this little person happy….please send her a card! Just tell her that you wish her well and to think happy thoughts.
If you can’t send a card, please go to the blog and send her well wishes. It makes no difference that she doesn’t know you. The difference that it will make is that you put a smile on her face – and in return you get the pleasure of knowing this. How cool is that! This is a time that we can set aside our stresses in life and focus on what is really important in our lives – not just our health, but understanding how we can touch people with a simple random act of kindness. In other words, how strong the power of love is. By keeping her in a positive state of mind will make a difference!

Below is where the get well cards can be sent:

Sydney Meekma Room-610
C/O % Comer Childrens Hospital
5721 S. Maryland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

or go to You can also read about her updates there.

Prayers are free and when the spirit moves you…please send those too!

Cancer is not fun for anyone but Little Angels do get Cancer, too! Sydney is our Little Angel.

Below is a current update and background of Sydney that I received from my cousin – as of 6/16/09:

Two weeks ago this little kid could not get out of bed. Her Mom, Heidi, had to carry her to the bathroom. She hurt all over. She took her to the University of Chicago Children ’s Hospital, Comer Children’s and she has been there since. She is going through Chemo for 5 weeks, this being her second week. She will be there for 100 days after the chemo for a bone marrow transplant or maybe stem cells. They have not projected which yet! She had a tumor removed from her thigh when she was 1 1/2 years old- which also was cancer. It has gone to Leukemia now!

Heidi will stay at the McDonald House near the hospital during the 100 days. She lives too far away to commute from Frankfort , IL . She is a nurse and had to leave her job. She is staying with the little one constantly. Heidi has 2 children. The older child is a little girl with Downs Syndrome. Her name is Madison .

This is a big cross for one young family to bear. The whole family is in shock and prayers are the only thing that will help if anything else.

Thank you for anything you can do – even if it is your prayers.

And please, pass the word..1000 cards needed!!…Through our compassion we will find peace!

Irene Lynn- Sydney's Aunt

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