Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Weekly Update On Sydney

Saturday- Today Syd looks good unfortunately she came back with another positive blood culture from the 1st which could explain the fevers still persisting even though the counts are coming back up. She might not be neutropenic today. If that is the case then they will stop the Gent & the Ambisome thank goodness, but because she had the pos blood culture, we have to keep the Vanco & meripenum just to be safe. So bottom line we are not going anywhere yet.

If she stops spiking temps and no more cultures now that her vanco is therapeutic maybe we will be able to go home in a couple of days. This pretty much stinks because everyday we are here now her counts are going up and it is cutting into our home time. SYd really needs some home time to get her strength mentally & physically & from a nutrition standpoint. Although they will not wait to long before the next cycle of chemo, the higher the counts go the more of a chance the leukemic cells are replicating and we don't want to give them that chance. But is good her counts came back just as planned ( almost clockwork day 28 just as her oncologist said)

Yesterday they ended up doing a scan of her sinuses, chest abdomen & pelvis just for make sure there was no other reason for fevers and it was negative. Syd was a champ. She swallowed the contrast and it all worked out. I wasn't really excited about her having this test but I was getting worried that she was still having fevers without a source.

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