Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why I Chose to Self-Publish My Poetry Collection

In honor of my hero and best friend Isom Ray Plyler, who is and always was more than a grandpa to me. This year, will be the third year, since he passed away and I am a little sad he never got to see what I have accomplished as an aspiring author. However, I know he is no longer suffering and he is watching over me every day. So far, I have already written over 500 articles and poems for Helium and Associated Content, under my pen name Imogen Rayne.

Recently, I decided to self-publish a book throughLulu.com, which would allow me to place all of my poetryinto one large collection. My experience with this venture was amazingly simple and the publish program was easy to follow. Unfortunately, I had never considered self-publishing, until I saw how simple it could be. Personally, I recommend this website to any author who is interested in self-publishing their work also.

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