Friday, March 4, 2011

Take Control of Your Diabetic Health with the MedTrakker Medical Organizer

Diabetes affects many families in the United States and around the world, which is one reason Amber Bowden chose to create the Diabetic MedTrakker. She experienced the trials and tribulations of dealing with a loved one’s diagnosis. She had to manage her husband’s illness, while learning more about the disease he was diagnosed with. So, her own personal struggle led to her creating this informational yet helpful medical organizer for others dealing with the same disease.

Amber Bowden believes that the Diabetic MedTrakker will help empower families to take control of their own diabetic health. In addition, she wants to lessen the burden of remembering the next doctor appointment or test. She also believes that the Diabetic MedTrakker will allow the patient to store their medical records and vital paper work in one central location. This is a perfect solution when traveling to their next appointment or traveling to another city.

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