Monday, April 4, 2011

Cardiologist Visit for My Nephew

My Twin Brother's Family!

My nephew Stone, who is five had to go see the Cardiologist today. He didn't fear the visit a much as us adults did. He is in no immediate threat, but he will still need to see the Cardiologist for a while. He has an enlarged heart and I would like to ask ALL of my readers to pray for this sweet angel. He loves getting greeting cards if anyone would like to send them in care of me. Thank you to all!

Crystal Kauffman
7192 Park City Dr.
Jacksonville, FL, 32244

Sorry camera died right after this shot!


Anonymous said...

Stone, I will lift you up in prayer and ask that God will wrap his mighty, healing hands around your heart and make it stronger for you everyday. God has given you something very special. Not everyone has a large heart, you just have more love to spread around! :0)

Laura Ferris

Connie Hall said...

Good luck to you. No one likes to go to the doctor and especially someone who is only five. What a brave little kid.

Alison Miller said...

Gosh - how awful. I will continue to pray for your nephew. God bless.

Kim said...

I will be praying. I am new to your blog--Found you through A to Z Blogging Challenge. I checked out your Laugh Your Way Through the concept. (I wish I would have known about you when I was going through treatment.) I will spread the word about your site to my survivor friends.

M Pax said...

I'm sorry you and your family have to go through this. Will keep you in my prayers.

Keena said...

I will pray for Stone...

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