Monday, April 18, 2011

Opening up a New Virtual World

Second Life is a Virtual World 

Last week, I opened a Second Life account and now I am learning how to use it. I have met a few nice people there, who have taken time to show me around as a newbie. I really like the creative graphics and the interactive platform that this game offers the players. The game reminds me of the SIMS game, which I liked as well because you can design your virtual world in whatever way you want too. 

This allows someone to be creative but of course all the neat stuff cost money and I choose not to spend money on the game. I am keeping an open mind and hoping to learn more about this amazing virtual world. Personally, I choose an elf princess as my character and I chose a standard look for my avatar.

Many players I have met have said that you can buy new outfits, shoes, or hairstyles. In addition, I noticed that you can buy your avatar a house or you can buy your own land, as well as work a job during your time in the game. However, I am still new at this game and I bet there's a lot more stuff that I haven't discovered yet. 

Maybe, I will meet other players who can help me learn more about this interesting game. I am glad that I stumbled upon the game after performing a internet search for role playing games with my son. I don't play many games online, unless I have time and they are connected to Facebook like Farm Town or FarmVille. Therefore, I think it will be neat to explore this new virtual world, which allows the user to become anything they want like an elf princess!


Misha said...

Interesting. Let me know how you like it. :-D

B's Mom said...

I've never heard of second life, but I may check it out.

AllMyPosts said...

Second Life??

The game and the title is cool in itself!! Elf princess?? cool character!!

with warm regards
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Karen Peterson said...

I've heard a lot about Second Life, but I've never tried it. It does sound like a lot of fun!