Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rhymes of the Heart

This is the poetry book I self-published earlier this year with I thought I would share a few poems out of it. These poems was written during the past ten years and chronicle what I felt during certain times in my life whether its bad or good. 

Here are some excerpts....

As The Wind Whispers

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

The golden leaves are blowing,
A crystal blue river is flowing,
Birds are singing just above,
As I look for the perfect love.
The wind is blowing in my ear,
Is that your gentle voice I hear?
I look around only to see,
No one is standing close to me.
The sun is shining along the river,
As cooling air makes my body shiver.
I feel your warm and loving embrace,
But, the sunlight hides your face.
Only a moment will pass,
Will the peaceful feeling last?
I feel you touch my soul again,
Are you speaking through the wind?

Finding Yourself

By Crystal S. Kauffman
Life is like a flower that grows in the wild,
Dancing in the rain like a child.
Emotions stir as my heart awakes,
Wondering if I have made a mistake?
Flower snapping in the summer breeze,
Like a horse with broken knees.
My soul is wounded beyond repair,
There is nothing here, not even a flare.
The past has stolen my innocence away,
As a clumsy dancer, I continue to sway.
Stumbling through life without a light,
Holding on to what I feel is right.
Struggling to let my soul free,
I just want to be me!

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