Kitten's Batteries Ran Out

This is my new kitten named Isomer, which is a dragon in one of the fantasy novels that I am writing in my free time. I loved the unusual sound of his name, plus the first part Isom was my grandfather's name.

The night after my best friend brought him to me, I took this picture. I looked up and he was playing with the chair leg. Suddenly, I looked up again and his batteries had died, because he was sleeping while sitting on his bottom. Isomer was holding on to the chair and sleeping, which I thought was completely adorable. 

I thought this was the cutest picture, but please excuse my floor. We used recycled wood from a building we tore down on my grandfather's old property. This allowed us to fix up an old storage shed attached to the house, as a family den. Now, I must find flooring or carpet to put down over it, so it will hide the mismatched boards.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you like my new kitten as much as I do.

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Feel Like A Royal
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