Monday, August 1, 2011

Life Interrupted

This is not my car, but this is what it looked like!

It was a typical March morning for my family, as we were getting ready to head out to the local flea market across town for our Saturday getaway. Suddenly, my fiancĂ© came rushing into the house and he announced that my car had been stolen. I was so angry and shocked; I didn’t understand that someone had actually stolen my car right out of my own driveway. Once, I gathered my thoughts, I called the police to report that my car had been stolen and await their arrival.

I decided to ask my all of my neighbors, if they had noticed someone around my car or if they seen it leave throughout the night. My next store neighbor stated, “I heard your car start and leave at three in the morning, but I thought you left in an emergency...I’m sorry!”.

After the police arrived and took my statement, they began taking each neighbors statement as well.

 The police finished getting everyone’s name and his or her statements, as I decided to sit on my porch and wait. I always thought that I would hear my own car start in my driveway, however I never heard it start or pull off that night. Besides, I never thought anyone would want to steal my little red 1993 Dodge Shadow, but evidently someone did!.

PS: Thank you to all who are reading and commenting on my articles. Your opinion and helpful advice are appreciated in anyway...Hugs!

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Belle said...

Well, that sure put the kibash on your day. I'm sorry. I've had people total my car, but never steal it. I hope it was just some kids and you get it back.