Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Angel Abigail

I met my beloved puppy, who I named Abigail on my fourteenth birthday after her mother Brandie gave birth to her on my bedroom floor. She was a golden-red German Shepherd, Chow, and Akita mix puppy. She was so tiny that she fit in the palm of my hand, yet she was such a beautiful puppy. Immediately, this adorable newborn puppy that had captured my heart.

My family and I rescued her mother Brandie after finding her at the local convenience store one night, which was around the corner from my home. She was starving and lost, so my family decided to adopt her. A few months before my birthday, I had made an appointment to get her spayed. However, I discovered that Brandie was already pregnant by my neighbor’s purebred Akita,

On my birthday or New Year’s Eve, I left to babysit for a friend of mine while they ran a few errands. Brandie was lying on my bedroom floor and she looked like she didn’t feel well, once I returned home that night. I screamed for my mom with tears in my eyes, when suddenly she gave birth to a beautiful light brown puppy. She gave birth to another light brown puppy, which was almost identical to the first puppy.

I was witnessing the blessed miracle of life through this dog I had rescued, but I was amazed and grossed out at the same time. For a few minutes, I massaged her back as she rested after cleaning the first two puppies. My mom and I thought she was finished, so I was about to get up. Suddenly, she began having another tan and brown colored puppy, which look just like a pure bred German Shepherd.

I stayed with Brandie, as my twin brother came in and began admiring the tiny newborn puppies also. My mom and my little brother were building a make shift bed for Brandie and the new puppies, when she began giving to a tiny golden-red puppy. The last puppy was smaller than the others were, but she was the most adorable puppy I had ever seen. 

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Natalie Akita said...

Wow! It's nice to have new puppies at home.