Monday, October 31, 2011

Patricia Eichelsderfer: Missing girl in Palatka

Police are searching for a missing girl named Patricia Eichelsderfer from Palatka, Florida. According to Causey (2011), the beautiful brown haired and brown eyed girl is five feet tall and weighs about ninety pounds. Patricia was last seen leaving “Interface”, which is a “youth shelter”, which is located at “2919 Kennedy St.” in “Palatka”, FL. 

PS: Help us bring her home!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Should elderly patients be cared for by family members or by health care professionals?

Families should be the first choice in caring for an aging loved one, since the loved one will recuperate better in familiar surroundings. The entire family should be given a voice, on whether he or she will become a full-time caregiver. However, a reality is that some families are unable or unfit, so the hospital would be the proper choice in these circumstances. If a family is willing to care for their loved one, the aging member actually benefits for the closeness of the family unit.

Create a Plan
First, the entire family should discuss their aging loved ones health care and make a plan, which can be instituted once it is needed. One family member may become the fulltime caregiver, while other family members come by and help as needed. This will give the full-time caregiver a break, as well as peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe while they run errands. The entire family will transition into their new roles, by discussing and creating the plan before the emergency.

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Information About the Basking Shark

   The basking shark is considered the second largest fish or shark, when compared to the whale shark. This gigantic creature is also known Cetorhinus Maximus by scientists and researchers who collect vital information from these animals. Thankfully, they do not prefer to eat humans instead they filter feed, just as the whale shark does. They are slow moving and an unusually large mouth. In which they filter feed.

They are not dangerous to humans, because the giant shark is usually enjoying using its wide mouth to eat plankton. They have gills which filter out the items that they don't want, while allowing them to eat all the plankton that they want. These giant sharks can measure up to 33 feet long and the shark can weigh up to 4 tons. The most common names are the big-mouth shark, sun-fish, bone shark, and elephant shark.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Laugh at Cancer Support Community’s Mission Statement

laco community on blog

Laugh at Cancer Support Community was founded by Crystal S. Kauffman in 2004 after surviving a battle with cervical cancer stage 2 b. This support community is located online and local support groups are available in Jacksonville, FL. We are currently working on receiving our Official 501 c 3 status, but we have a long way to go still. Our mission is to help all families facing cancer's touch and restore hope in all families who have faced this disease.

In addition, we will provide encouragement and support to all families facing cancer, as well as yearly projects and fundraisers. We shall strive to provide awareness and information online and offline to our members. Our organization wants to make a difference in the lives of those families who have been devastated by this disease. We believe that laughter and positivity is a vital tool for families when facing the uncertainty what tomorrow may bring.

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Fall Brings the Family Home

The trees and leaves around my town,
Are changing colors to orange and brown.
The families are getting ready celebrate, 
Holidays which happen on a certain date.
Every year the families will gather together,
Spending time with each other despite the weather.
Children will hunt for candy on Halloween,
Some will even get so frightened that they scream.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Help Us Bring Joy and Hope into the Lives of Others


This year, I am personally working with a local nursing home or rehabilitation center with about 300 patients are currently living there. Help me bring some joy to the patients at Christmas time, by donating small gifts and throw blankets. Also donate some old Christmas cards and sign them with your name only. Write patient on the front and Christmas on the back. With others helping me, I cannot possibly help all of the patients, so let's make a difference together. The director of activities mentioned that the patients without families could use Christmas gifts. I asked if I could gather up fleece blankets for these patients and stated that that would truly be a blessing

I would love to make their Christmas brighter and full of hope, by giving them something that they truly need like blankets or small gifts. You can also choose to put together a shoe box full of personal stuff like deodorant, toothpaste, body lotion, and other items they may need. If you can help, please contact me for more information about the project the Laugh at Cancer Support Community is getting involved in.

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