Monday, July 16, 2012

Jacksonvilles Cultural Diversity

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is the second largest city in the northeastern Florida, which is about eight miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Many people with diverse ethnicities have moved into the River City and became a part of its society. Many new businesses, streets, and communities began developing all over the First Coast.

The city grew, so it can accommodate the expanding population. Now, over a million different ethnic backgrounds are currently living together and sharing their unique cultures with other residents.
Today, the city is known best for its beaches, St. John's River, Jaguars (NFL), Military Bases, and its love of the cultural arts.

There are restaurants, museums, planned events, and communities that routinely celebrates other cultures (City Town Info., 2006). Jacksonville is diverse city, which has learned to intermix with different cultures and beliefs in its community. The River City, welcomes all ethnic backgrounds and races, with open arms.

Spirit of Jacksonville

Humble Beginnings

When the city was discovered in 1816, it was originally named after its first Governor "Andrew Jackson" (Infoplease, 2007). The first wave of settlers, choose to live and work around the St. John's River, which runs through he heart of downtown Jacksonville.

By the late 1800's Jacksonville had become incorporated with businesses and factories of all sorts. Many of the residents began using the St. Johns River and Atlantic Ocean to trade important products. Before long, the city was filled with several ethnic communities, which were a key to developing Jacksonville into a diverse city.

Year after year, more settlers of different cultures found their way south; whether by sea, trains, or horse and buggies. The settlers decided to elect local officials; in order, to speak for the residents and protect their city.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Missing my Lulu


Today, I am missing my baby Lulu, who was my best friend for over 10 years. She did everything with me and now I feel lost. I miss her sleeping with me and sitting with me throughout the day. I am posting this as a memorial to my lovely little princess!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tips on How to Stop Elderly Abuse

This is a woman I found on internet. Let's stop this cruelty together.

Do you have an aging or ill loved one who depends on a caretaker for their basic needs? Did you know there are seniors who are too scared to report the abuse or the abuser? Many are dependent on them for all of their daily care, so they are suffering silently. But, for many helpless victims of elderly abuse, no one will answer their call for aid and protection. However, you have the power to protect your loved one from suffering, while depending on others for basic care.

First, you must learn more about this epidemic and know the types of abuse to watch for. The entire family must work together and take turns as needed. By becoming their caretaker, you are stepping into a stressful and overwhelming role. So, remember don't do it all by yourself, try to involve everyone as often as you can. This way, the entire family can ensure your loved one's safety and well-being. Plus, they will be able to make sure they are cared for on a daily basis.

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