Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tips on How to Stop Elderly Abuse

This is a woman I found on internet. Let's stop this cruelty together.

Do you have an aging or ill loved one who depends on a caretaker for their basic needs? Did you know there are seniors who are too scared to report the abuse or the abuser? Many are dependent on them for all of their daily care, so they are suffering silently. But, for many helpless victims of elderly abuse, no one will answer their call for aid and protection. However, you have the power to protect your loved one from suffering, while depending on others for basic care.

First, you must learn more about this epidemic and know the types of abuse to watch for. The entire family must work together and take turns as needed. By becoming their caretaker, you are stepping into a stressful and overwhelming role. So, remember don't do it all by yourself, try to involve everyone as often as you can. This way, the entire family can ensure your loved one's safety and well-being. Plus, they will be able to make sure they are cared for on a daily basis.

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