Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tiger Sharks

Where do they live?

This type of shark can be found living and hunting in the world's coastal waters. They prefer murky water and can be found in many different places. They have been found in rivers, estuaries, harbors, and lagoons. The tiger shark likes a warmer climate, so it can be found near Hawaii, but they have found near Iceland and the United Kingdom. Tiger sharks have excellent eye sight and generally prefer to hunt for its prey at night.

What do they look like?

This species shark can be identified by the shark's blunt nose and the dorsal fin is noticeably close to its tail. Juvenile Tiger Sharks have different colored dark vertical stripes that look similar the majestic Bengal Tiger's stripes. However, these markings begin to lighten up in color, as the shark matures into a fully grown adult. These types of sharks or the Galeocerdo Cuvier species of shark can reproduce.

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