Sunday, January 27, 2013

History of the Swastika (or the Crooked Cross)

Have you ever wondered what the swastika symbol stands for? Did you know that the swastika has been found on artifacts that are over "3000 years"? According to the American-Israeli (2007), the word swastika was used to describe the hooked cross. Would you be surprised to learn that it is a symbol of "being fortunate ", not "Anti-Semitism" (Smith, 2007)? In some cultures, they actually turned the symbol clockwise or added something to it.

Before the symbols meaning was changed, the swastika was used to represent "life, sun, power, strength, and good luck". Many cultures consider the emblem to be sacred part of their lives and faith. How did this positive symbol, become an emblem of hate that is recognized around the world? These types of crosses have been found on "artifacts" found in "Sanskrit" and "the ancient city of Troy" (American-Israeli, 2007).

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