Thursday, November 29, 2018

Admiring the View

Image (c) 2018, Crystal S. Kauffman

The evil was suffocating me,
Climbing higher just to breathe,
My blessings were starting to rise,
I always kept my eyes on the prize.

Hit a couple snags along the way,
Never did I give my secrets away.
Handled each gut punching blow,
Many people judged my show.

I shook off the betrayal and pain,
Changing my view was my aim.
Doing what it takes is what I did,
All while keeping my sadness hid.

Took any job that I could complete,
Goals and tasks were all I tried to meet.
It was time to spread my broken wings,
Now, I took time to learn many new things.

Took a chance and finally started to fly,
Now, I am riding on a new kind of high.
Admiring the view from my new nest,
I know that I tried and only did my best.

© 2018, Crystal S. Kauffman


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