Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Different Song

By, Imogen Rayne

This time without you has made me sad, 
I cannot help but to wonder if I was bad. 
The consequences are to much to bear, 
Now, you are never able to be there.

Changes hurt when you become silent, 
My inner demons are angry and violent. 
Destroying my inner peace as they lead, 
Spreading the damage and a sour seed.

Never thought you would just go away, 
Honestly, I believed you in every way. 
My heart is in many pieces on the floor, 
What did I do to make you shut the door?

Do you hide me because of my past? 
Can you make a love that will truly last? 
Always making feel like I am doing wrong, 
Just because I am singing a different song.

Copyrighted 2019

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