Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Ice Queen

By, Imogen Rayne

You say stuff that cut me so deep, 
So many promises you didn’t keep. 
I grew while you were gone away, 
Remember, little man I don’t play. 

Run your mouth for all to hear, 
For you I do not and will not fear. 
Keep playing with my heart little shit, 
You gonna find one thing; I can take it. 

I’ll show you the true ice queen’s play, 
She not going anywhere; She is here to stay. 
Trying to outsmart me when it comes to love, 
I’ll send your ass packing like a screaming dove. 

Game on; little boy who always screwed up, 
Let’s play, see if you can drink from a loyal cup? 
This ice queen wasn’t born last night, 
Damn if you will destroy me without a fight. 

Keep your head stuck up where it is at, 
Pretend you care and all of that. 
Sorry, not sorry for my attitude against you, 
From today on little bro; I am dead too, 

Copyrighted © 2019

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