Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Fight for Animals Rights

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Hi, I am a freelance author, who is passionate about animals and their rights. As a proud pet parent, I would like to remind you that changing the future of animals starts with you. Join the fight by helping injured and abused in your own neighborhood. Look for opportunities to volunteer and save helpless animals that need someone who cares like you. Check with your city’s local pet shelters to see if you can help them by walking dogs, donating a bag of food, bringing blankets, and treats.

Furthermore, I also ask you to join our fight to save helpless animals from a life of cruelty. In order to win this fight, we need you to be vigilant and fight for the rights of all animals. For more information: please visit www.wildlifewarriors.com and www.peta.com. I hope you take time to learn more about wild animals and how they live in our local wooded areas.

Respect all animals and turn in abusers! If you see a dog or cat being abused, turn in the abuser to the police or to the local animal police. Change the world, by helping one animal at a time. Please only adopt from local rescues, instead of buying an animal at a local pet store. Remember, being a pet parent requires a commitment to raise the animal and ensure their health….no matter what!

Be a Proud Pet Parent and Think About Becoming a Foster Home!

Never Abandon A Pet!

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