Friday, July 12, 2019

Dancing With Silence No More...

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Did you mean to touch my heart this way?
Your silence speaks volumes to me every day.
Never did I believe it would go so wrong,
You and I are singing a different song.

So I ask myself every day why should I fall?
For someone who believes they know it all.
Why do I care about this dance the way I do,
When, I see that I don’t really matter to you.

Needing more than you are willing to give,
So, I will just continue to dream as I live.
I deserve a relationship that is real,
Not stolen moments that make feel.

Like a fool because I let you touch my soul,
Today, I am numb and this dance is old.
When you decide to just push me aside?
My care is washing away with the tide.

Every day, I spend the day and nights alone,
Not even communication by the phone.
So, with this poem I will say a special good night,
I hope you chose to always follow the light.

Copyright 2019

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