Saturday, September 14, 2019

My Little Brother’s Special Day

Image Copyrighted 2019 by Crystal S. Kauffman

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

This week, I called my little brother and asked him for a ride to the grocery store. He agreed to take me which was awesome because that meant I get to spend time with him. We don’t see each other, as often as I would like too because of his family obligations and I currently don’t have a car.

So, I was very excited to see him that day! See, on Labor Day, my little brother and his family was in a minor car wreck and thank God they are okay. Banged up; but alive! Honestly, I really needed to see him and I wanted bless him with something small, since he has been out of work since the wreck due to his injuries.

Additionally, I secretly called our momma to tell her about what I was planning to do. She wanted to also bless him also, which required me talking him into getting him to go see her as well. So, I asked my little brother, if he wanted to go see mom since we don’t see her that often either.

We decided to head to momma’s nursing home and visit with her before we go to the grocery store. When we got there my mom also blessed him and we visited for a bit, since we had a little time to kill. We finally went to the grocery store and I bought some stuff he needed for his  daughter who is three.

On the way, back to my place, I treated him to lunch and we were offer free drinks. I had an amazing day hanging with my little brother and it felt good to bless him. My little brother has never asked for help from me, because he knows I am struggling too. However, helping him made me happy, since I know he will be able to buy the immediate needs for his family. 

He still need help, but I am limited o ways that I can help him. So, I am praying he will receive a miracle soon. His bills are piling up and he need a financial blessing. Can you pray with me?

Image Copyrighted 2019 by Crystal S. Kauffman

“Family Over Everything”